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Ponybaby Project believes in education as afundamental human right.

Education creates a better future andeconomic prosperity for a nation by training the next generation of skilledprofessionals. It also builds peace, provides opportunities for individuals andfamilies, and prevents youth from becoming disenfranchised and susceptible torecruitment by extremist groups.

After successfully supporting dozens of refugeestudents to enroll in school in Lebanon last year, Ponybaby Project hasestablished a scholarship scheme which aims to provide the neediest refugee childrenand talented students with the opportunity to study for a degree withoutdisruption and achieve their full academic potential.

Direct support

Ponybaby Project will carry on telling theirstories to the audience and seek to strengthen its activities to raisingawareness among the public, the media and the NGO community about the issues of SyrianRefugees and the necessity of assisting these vulnerable populations.

In 2016, Project Ponybaby helped dozens of Syrianrefugee children, most of them orphans, with full tuition fees. This year,in partnership with the Amity Foundation, we plan to provide funding fora scholarship program to support over a hundred refugee children, not onlythose most in need, but also some talented students, with scholarships that will cover 100%, 50% and 25% of their educational expenses. 

Project Ponybaby is also seeking to providepsychosocial support to refugee children starting from this year. 

Our commitment

100% of your money goes to the children,their education and school infrastructure, and the entire process is strictly supervisedby the Amity Foundation. We take the responsibility very seriously.

We wholeheartedly appreciate your support in helping us carry this positive momentum forward. We believe that our dedication and work continues to meritit and it's making a real impact in people's lives. 

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Many thanks from the Ponybaby Team.

Education is the most important thing, without it...

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